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20 Ways to make your home more attractive to buyers

1. Your entryway should stand out and cause people to notice it.

2. Prune dead limbs from trees.

3. Paint or touch-up exterior of house.

4. Repair screens and windows.

5. Check A/C and heating systems.

6. Fix leaky faucets and toilets.

7. Repair or replace broken lights and fans.

8. Vaccuum drapes and carpets.

9. Repair wall cracks.

10. Re-caulk bathrooms and kitchen.

11. Clear out closets.

12. Remove excess furniture.

13. Keep cats and dogs out of visitors’ way.

14. Mow lawn, edge driveways and walkways.

15. Ensure windows doors and locks work smoothly.

16. Weed flower beds, trim shrubs, plant new seasonal flowers near front door.

17. Throw out or donate unwanted items from garage, attic and other storage areas.

18. Clean outdoor furniture and barbecue grill, or remove them.

19. Have a designated place for children’s toys in the yard.

20. If you have a pool, make it clear and keep it free of debris.



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