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Letter from the Heart

I’m Daiquiri Beebe, a 38-year old mother of six children currently pursuing a fulfilling career as a Real Estate Agent in Huntsville, Texas.

I was born in Los Angeles County, California. I grew up in a small city of 40,000 people, Temple City, California until I moved to Chandler, Arizona in my 10th grade year of High School. I pursued my academic goals and got to know Steven Beebe, the man I married in July of 2002.


We have been together for 23 years. We always knew we wanted to be parents. As soon as we were married we started our family with our oldest daughter, now almost 15 years old. I worked as a real estate agent in Arizona while our first born was a baby, but I soon learned that she didn’t appreciate me being away from her. I dedicated myself completely to raising my children and caring for my home. We had our second child in Arizona and decided a year later to begin our big adventure in Texas. We chose to move to Bryan/College Station where we had our 3rd child, a little girl and I began to homeschool my children. After a couple of years, we had a yearning to move to the country. We chose to purchase a home on 3 acres in Bedias, Texas. My husband worked in Madisonville as an Electrician & A/C Tech. We attended church in Huntsville with other homeschoolers, made many friends and had 3 more kids, all boys 19 months apart. Whew–they keep us on our toes!


After 7 years living in Bedias, we decided to move back to the city. We chose Huntsville, because of our church, many friends and familiarity with the town. We live close to Downtown Huntsville, Mance Park Middle School and Oakwood Cemetery, where Sam Houston is buried. We are able to walk to many festivities whenever we choose. 


Since moving, my children have started going to school at Huntsville Independent School District. I have chosen to be a member of all of their PTOs so that I can stay involved and informed at their schools. Also, to show my appreciation to the teachers, administration and staff who dedicate their lives to educating my children.


I have become involved in many groups, and service organizations. The flexibility of my career as a Realtor allows me to serve my community and be with my family.


There is something special about Huntsville. People here care about one another and they want to serve their neighbors and friends. Huntsvillians are willing to give so much of themselves and do for others. I am so thankful to live in such a unique and wonderful community.


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