chad-byrd-signMr. Byrd was born in Huntsville, lived most of his life here and graduated from Sam Houston State University. He owns a small business in Huntsville, holds real estate investments and also consults with local businesses.

Mr. Byrd explained in his own words why he is running for a position on the Hospital Board. “I lost my grandfather and almost lost my uncle and mother in a tragic car accident about a year ago. That event and the experience of navigating the often confusing and frustrating healthcare system opened my eyes to the importance of access to efficient, high-quality, life-saving care. I’ve also always been interested in local governance and believe strongly in transparency and responsiveness in governments at every level. The Hospital District is the least visible governing body locally and many Walker County citizens aren’t sure what exactly the District does, how it is structured, and how it operates. I hope to bring more visibility and transparency to the Hospital District on behalf of the citizens of this county. I also believe that my experience in business and property management makes me uniquely qualified to be a responsible steward of the tax-dollars and assets of the citizens of Walker County while promoting and enhancing access to healthcare for all.”

Mr. Byrd is most concerned about the sale of Huntsville Memorial Hospital and other assets of Walker County. He wants the sale to be more transparent.  He is concerned that this information is not accessible to the citizens of Walker County. Therefore, people are not informed about the current decisions being made by the Hospital Board and why they are making those decisions.

Mr. Byrd’s plan as a servant on the Hospital Board is as follows. “I plan to be open, accountable, and available to all citizens of Walker County.  After all, it is they who own the assets of the District.  I also hope to bring more transparency to the Board in general.   Before any important decision, I will do my best to seek the advice and opinions of members of our community – including patients, healthcare professionals, and any citizen who is interested.  As a manager, I will never forget for whom we work.”

*Say Yes to Huntsville! Be an informed voter. This article was written by Daiquiri Beebe-The Huntsville Realtor as a benefit to the community of Huntsville, “The place where I love to live.”