cost-1183244_640Vote NO on all 3 Propositions! Why? The City Council is promoting these Bonds because they want a quick and easy fix.  What Huntsville needs is a Well-Thought Out Plan of Action.  These propositions are not it!

Vote No on Proposition 1-Public Safety Facilities The Police Department could use some upgrading, but it can be approached in a different way.  It does not have to cost us $31 Million in debt.

Vote No on Proposition 2-City Services  Currently, many employees are working in the Service Center when their job duties require them to be working in the City Council building.The City has the ability to move these employees into numerous empty office buildings near the current City Hall, without the cost of $24 million in debt.

Vote No on Proposition 3-Sewer and Water Systems

The city’s proposed plan to replace the sewer system is not efficient.

The city is intending to destroy currently functioning sewer facilities and completely replace them, when instead they could build an additional facility in the same location as a back-up and upgrade the current facilities which would be much more cost effective and a better long-term solution.

The sewer system is currently running at about 50% capacity, TCEQ recommends that a city should expand their system when it reaches 90% capacity after 3 consecutive months.

The total proposed debt for all of the propositions is $128 Million, too much debt for a City of 38,000 people with 8,000 of them being prisoners. Please vote no, so that better solutions can be proposed.