There will be more candidates than the President of the United States on the ballot this November 8, 2016.  7 people will be running for various City Council Positions in Huntsville, Texas.  Mr. Loll is one of them.  Mr. Clyde Loll has lived in Huntsville for 12 years.clyde-loll

Mr. Loll likes living in Huntsville, he said. “I like the people who call this place, ‘home’.  We have some dynamic and colorful personalities that make up our community. I really like our Main Street business shops and the flavor it brings to tourists/visitors.  Huntsville’s location to major cities like Dallas, Houston or San Antonio is a big draw as well in my opinion. Plus, let’s not forget we’re the home of Sam Houston and last but not least Sam Houston State University. What’s not to like?”

Mr. Loll is the Corporate Director of Quality, Health, Safety & Environment for an oil and gas drilling company. I also serve as the Global Security Director for crisis and emergency response.

I asked Mr. Loll to describe himself and his attributes: “I believe I am an honest and trustworthy person.  A progressive thinker and doer.  I do not like to procrastinate on anything.  I have been told that I would bring a balance to the council. I seek guidance and direction from God on many difficult decisions. I am a fair person. I respect all humans and their rights as citizens of Huntsville.”

Mr. Loll has experience on the City Council.  He explained, “I served on the City Council for a full two-year term back in 2012.  I understand budgets and how to effectively utilize the resources available. I make significant business decisions in a highly stressful environment on a daily basis. I routinely plan, organize, develop and execute business plans and programs that impact an entire global organization.”

Mr. Loll has chosen to run for City Council because he wants to “serve and serve well.”

Mr. Loll said that he believes, “The role of a City Council person depends on the city charter.   In Huntsville, we have a Mayor-Council government. As a Council member I am a part of the body that governs our community.  We review and approve annual budgets, establish tax rates, provide oversight for the effectiveness of programs, pass ordinances and resolutions, effectively communicate the vision for the city to our citizens, respond to constituents needs and complaints as warranted, and enter into legal contracts. We can modify the city’s charter if necessary and we represent our community at various civic functions or other governmental events.”

I wanted to know what Mr. Loll would you like to accomplish. He shared, “I would like to be instrumental in securing our water future rates with the TRA for the next 40 years.  I want to advocate for our public safety departments to make sure they have the best possible personnel, training and equipment necessary to protect our citizens as well as themselves. In addition, I want to see that we have a long term plan for the maintenance of our streets, water and waste water treatment facilities.”

I asked, “Who will you be representing as a City Councilman?” Mr. Loll responded, I will represent ALL residents of our City.  The Position 3 At-Large is a place on the Council that affords me the opportunity to interface with our entire community.

Mr. Loll’s plans to respond to the citizens of Huntsville. He explained, “The residents of our City are stakeholders and investors just like me. I will embrace any feedback and suggestion that they have to offer. But I will also be open and honest with them as well if an idea or suggestion is not in the well-being of our City’s best interest. “ He is considering future plans beyond being a City Councilman.   “I am considering options much further down the road after my retirement, said Mr. Loll.”

Some of the issues Mr. Loll is concerned about in Huntsville are as follows: “As I mentioned previously, water supply is a major concern.  Our city’s infrastructure as it pertains to road repairs, storm water drainage and waste water treatment capacity.  I am concerned with managing future growth and development at a rate in which we utilize our allowable tax dollars effectively.  A concern I have as well is what perception do outside investors or developers have of our town.  Their perception in the past has very much limited our economic development.”

Mr. Loll wants “to be as responsive and fair to any and all citizens who have a legitimate need or complaint.”

My last question: “Do you support the 3 Propositions asking citizens to allow more debt to be taken out by the City? Do you think there could be another possible solution to the needs that Huntsville has?”   “I do support the propositions before the City to allow bond money to be used rather than raising taxes that would be required if the bonds did not pass.  The new facilities that are being proposed before the residents of Huntsville are truly needed in my opinion. I challenge our residents to go and see the current facilities themselves and talk to the City Manager and Department Heads and ask them what do they think as subject matter experts who work at these locations every day.  Our community is growing and we need to plan ways to accommodate that anticipated growth which will require our facilities such as Public Safety, the City Services and of course our Water Works and Sewer facilities to be at 100% operational.”