Curtis Montgomery and his family have lived in Huntsville for 16 years. He is a Board Certified Physician specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology.


Dr. Montgomery has decided to run for this position because he is a physician at Huntsville Memorial Hospital and knows that his experience and knowledge will be an asset to the Hospital District Managing Board. He understands the day-to-day workings of the hospital.  


He is concerned about all of the financial changes coming to Huntsville Memorial Hospital and he wants to contribute to those decisions, knowing that “you can’t please everyone all the time.” He would also “like to be sure that the tax funds allotted are used in the most efficient fashion.”


Dr. Montgomery thinks that, “the most important issue facing the District presently will be managing the change in roles as the new operator takes command. The District Board has been managing the affairs of the hospital for many years including acting as landlord and administering funds for the needy patients of the county. As this transition takes place it will be the duty of the Board to make sure this transition proceeds as smoothly as possible. But, moreover, it will also be the duty of the Board to assure that all of the provisions of the transfer agreement are being carried out after the new operator has assumed control. In other words there needs to be ongoing oversight.”


As a business owner, Curtis Montgomery has the ability to make difficult decisions on his own, but he also knows that in a board situation, it is important to be open to the opinions of others and to be able to form a consensus. Dr. Montgomery believes that, “No one has a monopoly on innovative ideas or solutions.”  


*Say Yes to Huntsville! Be an informed voter. This article is written by Daiquiri Beebe-The Huntsville Realtor as a benefit to the community of Huntsville, “The place where I love to live.”