Easy Pork Tamales


Meat Filling Ingredients:

Pork Butt Roast

4 Beef Bouillon Cubes

Garlic Salt


Seasoning Salt

2 bunches Cilantro

2 Onions

2 tablespoons of garlic, diced


1 large bag of masa mix

Salt to your taste, I put extra in mine this time and I liked my Masa a little extra salty

1-16 oz. block of lard

Meat juice drained from cooked pork.

Boiling water and more bouillon cubes.


Corn Husks

String, yarn




I covered the meat with the dry seasoning and then put the other ingredients on top. Add a little water to the crock pot too, to keep it moist while cooking.


I put the meat in the crock pot the day before and let it cook through.


The next day I drained the liquid and saved it for the masa.


I mixed the meat juice and 1-16 oz. block of lard with the masa mix. I did 2 batches. ½ the block and ½ the bag in each batch.


If I needed more liquid in the masa I just mixed some bouillon cubes up in boiling water and added that to the masa.


After I drained the meat, I added 2 cans of red enchilada sauce to the meat.


I was ready to roll.


You need to soak the corn husks in hot water for a few minutes to make them more flexible.


Take a hunk of masa, mush it into the center of the corn husks, flatten it.  


Sprinkle a little bit of cheese onto the masa.


Add a spoonful of meat.


Roll the tamale from left to right. Fold up the bottom and tie a string with a knot to hold it all together.


I prefer to have the string on when steaming because it keeps the moisture out of the tamales, so that they are not all soggy and mushy.


Put a steamer implement or I use a simple cooling rack that fits in the bottom of my round pot. I fill the water until it reaches the rack. I turn it on so that it boils, then I turn it down to “4” on my stove so that it will continue to boil for 1 hour.


The best way to stack them is to make a triangle in the pot, and then make another triangle on top, like a star, so that you will have an opening in the middle for the steam to rise and reach the tamales.  You know that they are done, when you open the corn husk and the masa peals away completely.  If the masa still sticks, cook them for a few more minutes and check again.