img_2766Currently on the city council there are 4 Ward Positions, each section (Ward) in Huntsville has 1 representative on the city council.  These positions are elected by their Ward area only. See the Ward map online at


Also, currently on the city council there are 4 At-Large Positions, who can live anywhere in Huntsville and must be elected by the entire city.


Right now, all 4 elected At-Large members on the council live in the same area.  Therefore, that area of Huntsville is getting more representation than the rest of the city.  They have a majority on the council and they have the ability to pass policies that benefit their area, over the good of the entire city of Huntsville.


We are proposing to change the way the City Council is elected in Huntsville.

The 4 At-Large positions will be changed to Ward positions.  The Wards will be able to elect 2 representatives from their Ward to champion their interests.  This will make the City Council representation equal and fair.


Does this sound like something you would support?  E-mail, and let us know that you would be willing to sign the petition.  We need 400 signatures to get this on the ballot in 2017.