How to Find Your Individual Design Style

living roomYour Style. How do you want your house to look? What style would you choose? Go for eclectic. What is eclectic? Eclectic means mixing styles to create a style that is all yours. You want a style that represents you and makes you feel comfortable. Your style will include all kinds of different items that you are attracted to. You want to be able to put those items together cohesively so that they are inviting and pleasant to the eye. Every space in your house does not have to have something in it. One way to know what you want in your house is to think back to pictures of homes and homes you’ve visited and what appeals to room 3 Google pictures of living rooms or the room you want to decorate and look through them all. Take inspiration and ideas from these pictures. kitchen 3Think of ways to use items you have to get the look you see in the pictures. Use your items in untraditional ways to give the feel of something you have seen before. Go to the library and check out the interior design books available, they have tons of pictures to set your imagination on fire. Don’t choose the neutral, matchy match room because you think it looks good and may impress others. Choose what you love. Choose the orange wall with the faded black table if that’s what appeals to you. When you make your home feel welcome and inviting for you, your friends and visitors will see your personality in room 2 Your visitors enjoy your company, therefore, they will enjoy the experience of spending time in your home. That’s how you will make an impression on them, not by having a home that looks like the cover of a furniture store room 4


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