img_2997The three Huntsville propositions will end up costing us $7 million each year in interest, for a length of 20,25 or 30 years. What happens when something else is Huntsville needs to be repaired or replaced? Taxes will have to increase. I want better facilities. I appreciate our local Huntsville city employees. Is this the best answer for them? The new proposed facilities may not even begin to be built for 3 years? What about the employees working in the service center? The idea proposed is that they will continue to work in that worn down building until the new service center is completed; after the bond is approved, after the design is approved, after the bids are approved, after the debt rolls off, after the building is completed. Whew, I’d rather see the City support local building owners and move our valued employees into office buildings closer to City Hall right away!

Early voting begins October 24th at the Walker County Annex located at 1301 Sam Houston Avenue and the Veteran’s Museum/Storm Shelter located at 463 State Highway 75 N.

Say Yes to Huntsville! “This article was written by Daiquiri Beebe, the Huntsville Realtor, as a benefit to the community of Huntsville, the place where I love to live.”