Wow, is this exciting or what?

More people are moving to Huntsville now more than ever!  Huntsville was ranked 5th in the Top 20 Fastest GrowHuntsvilleing Cities in Texas by Here is a link to the article:

What does this mean for us, the locals?

We can already see the changes coming to Huntsville.  We see chain stores, restaurants, hotels… What else? More money, more opportunity, more improvement.  This is also motivation for locals to improve their little parts of Huntsville.  We will see neighborhoods improve and dumpy rentals get fixed up.  More people want to start local businesses because there will be more shoppers!  What a great opportunity for us now!

SHSU fieldHave a great idea?  Make a plan, make it happen.  Help Huntsville improve today.  Huntsville is already a wonderful place to live.  I look forward to seeing the many more positive improvements to come.

If you’re new to Huntsville, don’t forget to register to vote.  It matters who you vote for.  The city will be run by the people who are elected.  Let’s choose motivated professionals who will do the job of maintaining and growing Huntsville well!theatre