The monthly meeting of the Huntsville Independent School District Board of Trustees was held on April 19th at 6:00 pm.


The public meeting began by recognizing Huntsville High School’s CTE Cosmetology students who won awards for hair and nails. Five Huntsville High School Wrestling team members also won top rankings at state finals. By the way, three of the winning wrestlers were girls. Go Hornets!


The Board of Trustees voted to pass the recommended pay changes for teachers and staff with the promise, that if there is money left in the budget, more money can be added to increase pay for new employees in the future.


The YMCA gave a presentation about their after-school programs that are held on HISD campuses. Many students are provided with scholarships for the program, based on their level of need.


The curriculum team of HISD presented the Benchmark test scores for Fall and Spring. There was a slight improvement in the scores from the Fall of 2017 to Spring of 2018.


The team discussed their plan of action to improve student test scores. The plan is already being implemented in the schools. They are focusing on teaching the curriculum that is being tested, providing instructional coaches to train teachers, providing intervention time to students who need it, testing students regularly and training the teachers to meet all of the TEKS standards.


The district’s new Curriculum director, Marcus Forney has vast experience serving schools and districts that need improvement. He is eager to serve our community and his philosophy is that teachers support students, principals support teachers, and the district employees support the principals and staff. School board president Tracy Stoudt summed up the idea well, “We need to get together being Hornet Proud and working together as a family.”