img_2597There are 7 candidates running for the 4 At-Large Positions in the November 8th Election. It is a nonpartisan race. If you vote a straight party ticket on the ballot, you will miss the nonpartisan local candidates. Please be sure to go to the local section and vote for the candidates you want on the City Council. Our daily lives are strongly affected by the decisions that City Council members make.  Please elect people that you trust to make good decisions on your behalf!

One of the new candidates running for the City Council has Huntsville’s best interests at heart. Mader Hedspetch is a candidate with strong opinions and ideals.  She wants the best for Huntsville!


Mader R. Hedspetch has been a resident of Huntsville her entire life. She graduated from Huntsville High School and Sam Houston State University with a Major in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Psychology.


She has had numerous jobs in her career from a Pre-Trial Officer to a Substitute Teacher.  At present, she is retired, ready and available to serve our unique city of Huntsville, Texas.  Many Huntsville residents know her as a volunteer at the Huntsville Public Library in the Johnnie Jo Dickerson Genealogy Room.


Mader Hedspetch’s goals as a Huntsville City Council Member are to:

  1. Get our citizens involved and interested in the changes and growth of our city.
  2. Let our citizens know that we, as members of their City Council, are wanting to invest in them and their lives.
  3. Improve the quality of life in Huntsville, Texas for all of us.  


She believes, “We are all together in this community and we can work side-by-side with each other without having ‘politics’ interfere in our progress as a city.”   


Mader R. Hedspetch also wants to work to lower our taxes while investing in the citizens of Huntsville. She plans to work at providing more jobs, higher wages and more single family housing in Huntsville.


She notes that we have wonderful parks, beautiful swimming facilities and fields for sports.  As a City Council member, she plans to propose planning for enclosed recreation facilities for our children, as well.


In her own words, Mader says, “I AM a servant, I AM old school.  My word is my bond! I represent the voice of the people who think they have no voice or that their voice is not effective enough to be heard. We need to hear their voices very clearly, as well.” Mader believes that each and every citizen should have a say in what goes on in the City Council. Residents should be able to have a listening, responsive ear to their concerns. She cares and is willing to work hard, learn anything new and be a voice/advocate for ALL of the citizens of Huntsville.

Early voting begins October 24th at the Walker County Annex located at 1301 Sam Houston Avenue and the Veteran’s Museum/Storm Shelter located at 463 State Highway 75 N.
Say Yes to Huntsville! “This article was written by Daiquiri Beebe, the Huntsville Realtor, as a benefit to the community of Huntsville, the place where I love to live.”