I’ve realized that it is important for my kids to learn healthy habits now while they are young. That means that I need to live out those healthy habits along with them, to guide them along and get them used to it. If it is a normal way of life for them now, it will be normal for them as adults and they will not have weight and health issues when they are older.
I have learned about various methods of eating and I am combining those methods to make a simple, budget friendly food style for my family. What is my food style? It is a mix of Atkins, the Wild Diet, Clean Eating, Trim Healthy Mama and the Superfood Swap. I do not do low fat. I believe that the information about fat is wrong and lowfat eating causes you to eat more. Fat is what satiates our hunger. When we eat a lowfat meal, our body is not satisfied for very long. Therefore, we end up snacking throughout the day and therefore we eat more. Same with salt. Salt is a mineral our body craves and everyone needs enough of it. Salt is good for you. Salt helps with blood sugar control, increases thyroid function, improves sleep quality, helps to balance our hormones and also helps our stomachs feel full, similar to fat.
I do not believe in excess of anything. That is where the problems lie. Everything in moderation. I love the idea of eating all organic, hormone free food, but with a family of 8, it doesn’t fit in the budget. My philosophy is to buy the healthiest foods possible within our budget. That means, I stay away from boxes and bags as much as possible. I stick to fresh produce, meats, cheeses, yogurt, milk and cream. Notice that all of these items are going to fill us up and keep us satisfied for longer periods of time, because the vegetables contain fiber and the meat and dairy contain fat and protein. I have been discovering more and more vegetables while trying to define my food style.
I do buy some packaged items like, Cheerios which are gluten free. They are great for busy mornings along with a bowl of yogurt or a piece of fruit. I also buy corn tortilla chips. My family loves guacamole and healthy nachos. I buy canned beans and tomatoes as well as frozen veggies. For travelling snacks I bring roasted peanuts with sea salt and bananas. The kids drink lots of water. At home, I have decaf iced tea and sometimes sugar free drink mixes for dinner time. The things I try to avoid most are sugar and wheat. They both have addictive tendencies, they make you fat, and according to the book,  “The Grain Brain” (by David Perlmutter), they cause you to be less intelligent and the overeating of them causes Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, etc.
Our family has a habit of eating treats every night. By treats I mean, candy, cake, cookies, etc. We also used to frequent the donut shop quite a bit. I am working on getting us away from those habits. Instead of sugary sweets, I have been making healthy treats sweetened with Stevia. So far, the kids have been happy with smoothies, milk shakes and ice cream. I am experimenting with different flavors.
My recipes are simple, budget friendly and tasty. They provide energy and nutrients while satisfying hunger. When going to birthday parties, church events, etc. I do allow my children to eat all of the normal American diet. I do not want them to feel controlled and to feel like they are missing out on something. I have found, that my oldest two children have self-control because they understand what a healthy diet is, from being at home, and they make better choices when they are out and about. They choose to limit themselves.

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