This is the opinion of Randy Bass, citizen of Huntsville Texas.

The City of Huntsville bond election is kind of like deciding whether to purchase a brand-new Porsche 911 or a pre-owned Honda Accord to drive to work every day. Everyone would rather drive the Porsche, but that’s a luxury item that many cannot afford. In addition, driving a Porsche 911 does not make sound financial sense to most individuals and families.

The same is true for this bond election. Huntsville has better facilities and infrastructure than many of our larger neighbors around us. Our sewer and water system is currently running at 50 percent daily volume. TCEQ has not noted any issues with either system, and does not recommend expansion until the daily volume reaches 90 percent daily for three consecutive months. In order to reach 90 percent, our city population would have to reach at least 54,000, and we are at least 20 years away from that based on current growth projections. Sure, there are some repairs needed, which is true for every automobile, home, municipal building, water plant and sewer system across the nation.

Everyone wants bigger and better than they have now! A larger house, a nicer car, even a better office. Personally, I would like our city to have Porsche 911-type facilities, including a new police station and fire house, but it makes poor financial sense to overextend ourselves to get it when we currently have adequate facilities and infrastructure!

Please Vote “NO” on all bond propositions!

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