Loosiershane loosierMr. Loosier has extensive experience in military, civil government and law enforcement positions.  He has the desire to serve the citizens of Walker County and has the abilities, as well as experience to fulfill and exceed the expectations of a Constable.  Please read his responses to my questions to learn more about one of the men running to be elected by you on Tuesday, May 24th.  Early voting is next week Monday, May 16th through Friday, May 20th at the Walker County Annex.

Make your voice heard, be informed and VOTE!

1. Why have you chosen to run for Constable?

“I have been involved with public service since I was a teenager. Everything I have done has lead me to this point. Running for constable is a natural and obvious next step for me. To serve the community where I have chosen to live, marry my wife Madilene and raise our children is an honor.”

2. What do you believe the role of a Constable is?

“The current role of a Constable in Walker County is the service of Civil process for the Justice of the Peace Court, Walker County Courts and Courts outside of Walker County. The Constable also serves as Bailiff for the Justice of the Peace Court and District courts of Walker County. A Constable is also a Law Enforcement officer with all the powers and duties that one would expect. I would like to bring these roles together to better serve the community.”

3. What would you like to accomplish as Constable?

“If elected Constable of Precinct 2, I will be fiscally responsible with residents’ tax dollars in fulfilling the duties of the office, working for them full-time and creating a positive, professional environment with integrity. I will bring all of my experience and education to the position. I am the only Candidate that has the extensive and diverse background to meet the demands of this office.”

4. What are some of the issues you are concerned about in Walker County?

“I am concerned about the public safety of our community and I want to add value by patrolling Precinct 2 as an experienced Law enforcement officer of this county. I am currently a full-time Deputy Constable for Precinct 4 and wish to bring this level of service to Precinct 2.”

5. How are you going to effectively represent the interests of Walker County, as Constable?

“I have visited with many residents and heard their concerns about their expectations of the Precinct 2 Constable such as being more visible and accessible. Other concerns involved residents expressing a desire to have a Precinct 2 Constable that can respond to any law enforcement encounter while on patrol. I can accomplish this because I have a very good working relationship with other agencies in Walker County as well as the Walker County DA’s office.”

6. What skills and experience do you have that will benefit the citizens you will be representing?

“I have been a public servant since the age of 16 when I served as a volunteer firefighter and promoted up to the rank of Captain in Montgomery County. I later became certified as an emergency medical technician before serving in the U.S. Army, Army Reserve and the Texas Army National Guard, all of which were combat units. I was honorably discharged as a Sergeant. While serving in the military, I decided I wanted to be a peace officer, and I’ve always worked for an elected official in law enforcement and I understand what it means to work for the citizens in an elected position. We are held accountable by the citizens, and I look forward to working for you. I have been a licensed peace officer for 25 years. I have been a deputy sheriff for Montgomery and Walker counties. While I was a Walker County Deputy I started my training and gained experience serving Civil Process throughout the county as well as the Law Enforcement patrol duties and promoted up to Senior Patrol Deputy. I am currently a full-time deputy constable in Walker County, working with Constable Gene Bartee in Pct. 4. I have also served as a reserve deputy constable in Pct. 2 and Pct. 3 of Walker County, which gives me more than 16 years of experience with local constable offices. I have worked as a Senior Manager and Project manager for more than 12 plus years in a corporate internal IT engineering division of two Corporations leading more than 25 skilled professionals across the country and some overseas. I also had to oversee and manage budgets of the projects under my control ranging from a couple hundred thousand to more than two million dollars. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice law enforcement from Sam Houston State University. I am an Instructor and Firearms instructor certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. I am qualified to serve Civil Process, which includes almost 4000 hours of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement training and I hold a Master Peace Officer Certificate. I have Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership training in the U. S. Army at the rank of Sergeant. I also have formal Corporate Leadership and management training from my private sector experience including budget and project planning training. I have management and leadership training through the Civil Air Patrol in order to teach and mentor Civil Air Patrol Cadets here in Walker County.”