Why should you Spring Clean?

If you do a deep clean every year, it is easier to maintain your home. It helps you to be more aware of any problems developing around the house. For example, you may be cleaning cobwebs out of your ceiling corners and notice cracking in the walls that wasnt’ there before. You then know you need to keep an eye on it and possibly call a foundation specialist in the future to resolve the problem before it becomes more costly to repair. Spring Cleaning also allows you to enjoy your home more. Who doesn’t love the feel of a nice, clean home?
I like to start with the hardest stuff and get it over with. Then I know that all I have left is the easy work.
My advice is to…
Tackle the kitchen first:
1. Scrub the inside of the oven. You can use the spray on oven cleaners, but I like to be able to breathe and work at the same time. So, try this instead: use SOS pads to scrub out the burnt on food. Then use a scrubby sponge and baking soda to scrub less difficult areas. You can also use a dish brush and hot soapy water to shine it up. Finish it off, by wiping with a wet rag and drying it. Beautiful! Now, don’t forget to line the bottom of your oven with a couple layers of overlapping foil. Slide them underneath the heating element. That way, next time, you won’t have so much hard work to do. Just remove the foil and replace with new foil. All you have left are the sides and top to clean.
2. Clean your rangehood. Be sure to scrub all of the grease. Use lots of soap and hot water.
3. It’s time to clean the inside of the refrigerator and freezer. Throw out anything you have not used in 2 months. Or, give it to your neighbor, they might want it. Wipe it out with hot soapy water and a scrubby sponge. Dry with a rag. You’re done.
3. If you have a deep freeze, tackle that next. This is a project that is best done, when the deep freeze is not at its fullest.
4. Next is the microwave. Heat up half a lemon in hot water for 10 minutes in the microwave, then wipe the grime away.
5. Wipe down cabinets with hot soapy water.
6. Wipe down the outside of your appliances with hot soapy water or an all-purpose spray cleaner.
7. Next, move on to the ceiling, remove cobwebs with a broom and clean blinds with a hot soapy sponge and a rag to wipe them down. I prefer curtains. It is so much easier to take the curtains down and throw them in the washer, then hang them right back up.
8. To the windows: If you have any mold or mildew growth around your window, due to condensation, use 1/2 bleach and 1/2 hot water with a toothbrush to get in there and scrub it out. Wipe it with a rag after scrubbing.
9. Time to deep clean the floors. Do you have grout. Scrub it with baking soda and a toothbrush. Then wipe away with a soapy sponge and a rag.
10. Bonus: You can eliminate and prevent odor in your garbage disposal by pouring in a cup of vinegar into the disposal. Let this sit for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse out. I also like to do this to my sink drain.
Did you know that vinegar is a great deoderizer? I had a plastic playset once, that I purchased off of Craigslist. It smelled like cat. I sprayed it down with vinegar and the odor was gone.
Now, get to work and stay tuned for the next room you should tackle.

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