1. Start by informing the person who lives in the room that you will be doing a deep clean.
2. Require the inhabitant of the room to go through their personal belongings and fill a big trash bag with anything that can be donated and another with anything that is trash.
3. Next, move furniture away from its normal place.
4. Wipe walls behind furniture with a rag and hot, soapy water. Also , wipe behind the furniture.
5. Wipe down the ceiling fan and use the broom to remove cobwebs in the ceiling corners.
6. Wipe down the blinds, or throw the curtains in the washer. If you only have cheap mini blinds, buy another set and just put them in the old hardware. Do not throw the old mini blinds away until you are sure that the new ones fit. If you have curtains, throw in the wash and hang them back up.
7. Throw all of the bedding and bedskirt in the wash.
8. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and vaccuum all of the areas where the furniture usually is. Move the furniture back in place and repeat the baking soda vaccuuming process.

Now, you or someone you love can enjoy their freshly cleaned retreat!

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