fire_engine_clay_twpEver wonder why a city the size of Huntsville only has 16 full-time paid firefighters?  Were you aware that the majority of our firefighters are volunteer? Thank you to those of you who risk your lives and dedicate your time to us! Wouldn’t it be great if we could hire more firefighters? We can! How?  The City needs to provide more money in the budget to pay more full-time firefighters and provide for pensions. Where will they get the money? The debt that is about to be paid off this year will mean more money in the budget.  Your councilman CAN support this idea by putting money in the Fire Department budget. Instead,they have proposed to take that money and put it towards new debt in propositions. If the 3 propositions pass, it will eat up all of the money in our city budget for years to come!  Wouldn’t you like to see us provide more full-time paid firefighters for Huntsville?  I know I would!  Right now we only have 16 firefighters on full-time, that means that when there is 1 fire, they are all there.  What if a second fire happens?  The second fire is completely dependent upon volunteer fire fighters.  WE NEED MORE PAID FIREMEN in Huntsville, Texas.

Vote NO on the Propositions, so that Huntsville can stay in the black.

Vote OUT the council members who have supported these propositions, if they pass, they will be a hindrance to the future success of Huntsville.