Susan Mott is a 28-year resident of the Huntsville community.  She works as the Office Manager for The Sandel Operating Company (Oil Production).  She currently serves on the Hospital Board and wants to continue.


She believes the role of the Hospital Board is to work with the Hospital, to help it provide top quality medical care to citizens of Huntsville and the needy residents of Walker County.


Susan Mott is concerned about numerous issues facing the Hospital Board, due to ¨the uncertain and changing healthcare environment¨. She believes it is important ¨to have good working relationships with the hospital and its administrators, the medical services providers and the community.


Susan Mott wants to keep the community her first priority.

Her goal as a Hospital Board member is to meet the mission of the Hospital District, which states, ¨working to achieve quality healthcare for the citizens of Walker County.”


*Say Yes to Huntsville! Be an informed voter. This article was written by Daiquiri Beebe-The Huntsville Realtor as a benefit to the community of Huntsville, ¨The place where I love to live.