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Alreadee Restaurant Delivery Service

alreadee 1We have a unique opportunity in Huntsville to get food delivered from any restaurant in town. How great is that?
Alreadee will also pick up and deliver grocery store orders of 10 items or less. Wow!
They will deliver 24 hours a day, Monday thru Thursday. Friday and Saturday, delivery service ends at 6pm.

Deliveries are served by professionally trained mobile waiters.

How it works:
1. You place the order at your favorite restaurant.
2. Call Alreadee Restaurant Delivery Service.
3. Alreadee will pick up your order and deliver it for ($6 cash in-town, $8 debit in-town, $10 cash outside town, $15 debit outside town.)

Call 936-662-2647 to get your breakfast, lunch, dinner or groceries delivered today!

alreadee 2Also, go to You can learn more about the service!

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