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Seven State Propositions on the November 7th Ballot

Early voting is coming very soon.  October 23rd is the first day to vote early. Here is a synopsis of the State Propositions.

Texas State Proposition 1: Allows property tax relief to veterans and their spouses. Read more here,,_Property_Tax_Exemption_for_Partially_Disabled_Veteran_with_Donated_House_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 2: Changes regulations on Home Equity Loans. Read more here,,_Home_Equity_Loan_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 3: Puts limits on appointed officials length in office. Read more here,,_Appointed_Officer_Term_Expiration_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 4: Requires the courts to inform the State Attorney General when a state law is challenged for constitutionality and forces the court to have a waiting period before ruling a law unconstitutional. Read more here,,_Require_Court_to_Provide_Notice_to_Attorney_General_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 5: Expands the definition of sports teams to allow more organizations to participate in raffles. Read more here:,_Definition_of_Professional_Sports_Team_in_Charitable_Raffles_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 6: Provides a property tax exemption to the surviving spouse of fallen first responders. Read more here:,_Property_Tax_Exemption_for_Surviving_Spouses_of_First_Responders_Killed_in_Line_of_Duty_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 7: Allows financial institutions to hold drawings. Read more here:,_Financial_Institutions_to_Offer_Prizes_to_Promote_Savings_Amendment_(2017)

You can view the ballot for your precinct on the Walker County Elections website. Look under Sample Ballots: If you don’t know your precinct, you can find it on your Voter Registration card or call the elections office at (936) 436-4959.


2 Candidates Running for Huntsville Mayor on November 7th

Early voting begins October 23rd. The next Huntsville election includes local races along with State elections. Official election day is November 7, 2017.

Huntsville voters have a choice to make this election cycle, between the current sitting Mayor Andy Brauninger and a challenger, Mr. George Russell.

Our current Mayor Andy Brauninger is running for his second term as Mayor of Huntsville. His 2 priorities at this time are the Economic Development plan and the fulfillment of the bond proposal passed by the voters. The Economic Development plan the Mayor supports is focused on having a plan for growth which includes, protecting the nature and beauty that surrounds Huntsville and increasing the number of high-paying jobs we have here. He explains, “Industrial jobs bring higher average payrolls. Allowing citizens to buy homes, new vehicles, and support our retail establishments. I believe that retail follows the payrolls. A well-trained workforce and career opportunities for residents and graduates benefit us all.”

Huntsville is currently in a state of growth. Growth needs to be managed responsibly and methodically to best benefit the citizens of Huntsville. The Mayor believes that “The Huntsville lifestyle is very important to protect and nurture. We should support and enjoy our history, arts, downtown district, and parks. In addition, we must continue to place emphasis on our hometown festivals, Walker County Fair and Rodeo, sporting events, children’s activities , and cultural events at both the University and in the larger community. We need to continue our dedication to tourism and attracting visitors to share this jewel we have.”   

Mr. George Russell is running against Mayor Brauninger for the Mayoral seat on the City Council. He wants to help maintain the natural beauty of Huntsville and its forest ecosystems. He believes it is the job of the Chamber of Commerce to increase Huntsville’s Economic Development. He does not want tax dollars to be wasted on it. He doesn’t agree with the method of “giving tax incentives to huge chains and multi-national companies” at the expense of small local businesses.  Mr. Russell also disagrees with the new paid parking that has been installed around Sam Houston State University.

Some of the things that Mr. Russell would like to see improved are:  bicycle lanes on city streets, pedestrian friendly walkways on University between 14th and 16th Streets, and a lower speed limit for safety. He wants to be very hands on as a Mayor and he has many unique ideas for the the City of Huntsville.

Show up at the polls on Election Day, November 7th, 2017 or Vote Early beginning on October 23rd, 2017. Get more information about the local election here:


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