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Timothy Davis for Ward 1 City Council Seat

The local City Council Election is scheduled for November 7, 2017. Early voting begins on October 23rd. Hats off to Timothy Davis for being willing to serve our community of Huntsville, Texas.  

There are two candidates vying for the Ward 1 City Council position in the upcoming election. Newcomer and Huntsville native Timothy Davis vs. sitting Council Member Joe Emmett. Timothy Davis wants “to preserve and protect the local business’, citizens, and properties (residential and downtown), while catering to the inevitable change happening to our city.”

Mr. Davis speaks about Huntsville. “I love the people, the pine trees, and the history of our town and how it has played a major part in our county and state.  Huntsville is uniquely rural and… it is the only place I call home.”

Timothy explains why he wants to serve on the Huntsville City Council. “I want to be apart of the decision making process that benefits this town and the citizens in it, especially in Ward 1.  That ward is full of folks who need a serious and open-minded substantial representative… I want to show this city and specifically Ward 1, what community can do for community.”



Michelle Bright and Joe Rodriguez Running for City Council Seat Representing 4th Ward

The next election is on November 7th, 2017. Early voting begins on October 23rd. 

Michelle Bright is running for the Ward 4 Seat in the Huntsville City Council. She served our country in the National Guard for 14 years. She currently serves on the City of Huntsville Veterans Advisory Board. She has worked in Home Health Care in the past. She comes from a long line of Sam Houston State University Graduates. She currently lives in Huntsville with her family and wants to continue to serve the terrific community we live in.

Mrs. Bright said, “I love so much about Huntsville.The people, the parks, the trails, simply everything.”

As a member of the military, Michelle has, “learned leadership, teamwork and how to adapt to different situations. In my civilian profession I learned how to be caring and compassionate, to put the needs of others before myself.”  Michelle’s life experience has given her the ability to juggle many tasks at once and to know how to prioritize.  Mrs. Bright shares that she wants to serve on the City Council “to make a difference in my community and to be a voice for the residents of Ward 4.”

Joe Rodriguez is also running for the Ward 4 Seat on the Huntsville City Council. I asked him a few questions and he took the time to give me very thoughtful and informative answers. Mr. Rodriguez hopes that the citizens of Huntsville will choose to re-elect him because he has served as City Councilman for the last four years to the best of his ability.  He takes time to research every issue that comes to the council’s attention. One of his proudest accomplishments is that taxes have not been raised in Huntsville during his tenure on the council.

Mr. Rodriguez is retired and able to dedicate much of his time to preparing for City Council meetings and being well informed on the issues the city is dealing with.

Councilman Rodriguez knows that Huntsville will continue to experience more growth. He is concerned that the growth be managed properly  so that “the city will grow in an organized and deliberate way.” He said that “the city staff and the council are constantly working to find ways to manage that growth in order to maintain the aesthetic beauty of the city. The council and staff will also continue to work on attracting more industry/commercial companies to our city for better paying jobs that might keep some of our Sam Houston State University graduates here instead of moving to other cities.”

Mr. Rodriguez’ biggest concern for Ward 4 specifically is uncontrolled drainage. The new development is changing the natural drainage of the land which causes water to flow onto other properties. The city staff is working with the landowners to have efficient water flow on these properties. Another issue that concerns the citizens of Ward 4 is vehicle speeding. There are many families that live in Ward 4 with young children. Speeding through residential neighborhoods needs to be prevented.

His biggest concern for the City at this time is to help oversee the results of the bonds that were just passed by the citizens of Huntsville. He wants to be sure that everything approved by the citizens is done right the first time. He wants to help keep the staff and council accountable for fulfilling what the voters agreed to.

Mr. Rodriguez and his wife have lived in Huntsville since 2005.  He spends much of his time volunteering. Besides serving on the council, he works at the Huntsville Memorial Hospital emergency room 1 day each week. He volunteers in multiple positions at his church, writes devotionals and teaches Sunday school.  He appreciates the opportunity to serve the citizens of Huntsville as the Ward 4 City Council Member.

Be sure to vote beginning October 23rd for Early Voting or on November 7th!  For more information about the election go to:

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