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City Council Candidates for Ward 3

Mader Hedspetch is running for a second time to serve on the Huntsville City Council.  City Council members are service positions that require a lot of time and effort on the Council Member’s parts.  Sitting Council Member Ronald Allen is also running to keep his spot on the Council.

Early voting begins on October 23rd and Election day is November 7th, 2017.

Mrs. Hedspetch has lived in Huntsville her entire life and she wants to serve the people of Huntsville. She wants to be an advocate for Ward 3 and speak for what the citizens need. She is truly dedicated to helping the people of Huntsville.

Ronald Allen is the current councilman for Ward 3. He has lived and worked in Ward 3 his entire life. Mr. Allen explains that he has been speaking out and wants to continue to work to maintain “the basic needs in our ward – good streets, paving, maintenance of road and utility improvements that were long overdue because of being pushed back on the projects lists, getting sidewalks, clean and safe parks, fire hydrants maintained, and ditches cleaned, and addressing drainage issues. There is a lot of competition for funds and capital projects and I would like to continue to speak up for our ward.”

Since serving on the City Council, police presence and city maintenance in Ward 3 has improved. Other items have been better maintained. Mr. Allen says, “I think Huntsville will grow and I believe the role of the city is to be prepared, not to try to force growth by throwing money at it. Where I hope the city will go is to realize we need to continue to focus on what we currently have, even as the city staff’s focus shifts to the bond issue projects. I also have a great deal of concern about the track record of some of our projects the city has taken on in the past. The bond issue project management is of great concern to me. Going into the design and construction phase of the bond issue projects demand diligence, thought, review and oversight.”

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