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Important Engagement to Watch Today

Congressman Kevin Brady (our local congressman) will be speaking at the Reagan Ranch in California today to make an important announcement.

Kevin Brady has been serving our area for 20 years and we are fortunate because he is now serving as the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. One of the most powerful positions a Congressman can hold.

Why does this benefit us?

Kevin Brady represents our district.  He is accountable to us, as voters, to be re-elected every 2 years.  He wants to be sure that our needs and desires are represented in Congress.

What will he be announcing today?

Congressman Brady will be speaking to all of the American People about the reasons why they should support the new plan to simplify the Tax Code. It includes filing your taxes on a postcard, no more IRS forms.

Congress will have to work together to get the new Tax Code passed. It is meant to make our lives better. It will lower taxes for everyone and allow businesses to create more jobs. It will promote economic growth. That benefits us all.

Congressman Brady’s speech will be live at 4:30 this afternoon, August 16th. You can watch it live on the Ways and Means Committee Facebook page. Here is the link:

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For more information about the proposed Tax Code:

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