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Mayor Brauninger Speaks About his plan for Economic Development

Last night the Mayor spoke at the Walker County Republican Women’s Meeting.  He explained his desire to promote Industrial Development in Huntsville, for the purpose of creating jobs for the young people of our community. 

How does the mayor intend to promote industrial development? His ideal plan is to raise taxes to purchase land from TDCJ or, (if TDCJ was willing to gift the land to the City) the money would be used to improve the land, which includes installing utility lines, such as water, sewer and electric. 

The Mayor wants to be proactive and ready for growth.  He stated, “We don’t want to lose the good life, but we don’t want to thwart the growth either.”

Part 2 of the Mayor’s plan is to grow the city and increase the tax base.

What effect does increasing the tax base have?  That gives the City of Huntsville more money in the budget to spend.

What is needed to complete the Mayor’s plan? A fund set aside solely for growth of the City of Huntsville Economic Development.

This is where the Tax Increase comes in.  The proposed tax increase of .63% of each property’s tax bill will be the money used to fund the economic development plan. Some sales tax may also be put put into the fund.

The Goal amount of the fund is $2,400,000.  According to projections, this money would be available by 2023.

On September 5th the City Council will be holding a hearing to listen to citizen’s opinions about raising the tax. It will be held in the City Council chambers at City Hall, located at 1212 Avenue M. The public is welcome to attend. In fact, the Mayor pleaded with the audience to please come and share your views. His belief is that, as elected officials, they are elected to vote the will of the people, even if they do not agree.

September 19th is when the City Council is scheduled to vote on the Tax Increase. The meeting will be held at 6pm in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, located at 1212 Avenue M.

For more information, call the City of Huntsville at 936-291-5400.

You can contact the entire City Council and Mayor to express your opinion, by going to this link:



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