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Seven State Propositions on the November 7th Ballot

Early voting is coming very soon.  October 23rd is the first day to vote early. Here is a synopsis of the State Propositions.

Texas State Proposition 1: Allows property tax relief to veterans and their spouses. Read more here,,_Property_Tax_Exemption_for_Partially_Disabled_Veteran_with_Donated_House_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 2: Changes regulations on Home Equity Loans. Read more here,,_Home_Equity_Loan_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 3: Puts limits on appointed officials length in office. Read more here,,_Appointed_Officer_Term_Expiration_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 4: Requires the courts to inform the State Attorney General when a state law is challenged for constitutionality and forces the court to have a waiting period before ruling a law unconstitutional. Read more here,,_Require_Court_to_Provide_Notice_to_Attorney_General_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 5: Expands the definition of sports teams to allow more organizations to participate in raffles. Read more here:,_Definition_of_Professional_Sports_Team_in_Charitable_Raffles_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 6: Provides a property tax exemption to the surviving spouse of fallen first responders. Read more here:,_Property_Tax_Exemption_for_Surviving_Spouses_of_First_Responders_Killed_in_Line_of_Duty_Amendment_(2017)

Texas State Proposition 7: Allows financial institutions to hold drawings. Read more here:,_Financial_Institutions_to_Offer_Prizes_to_Promote_Savings_Amendment_(2017)

You can view the ballot for your precinct on the Walker County Elections website. Look under Sample Ballots: If you don’t know your precinct, you can find it on your Voter Registration card or call the elections office at (936) 436-4959.

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