The City of Huntsville will be electing new people to serve as City Council Members. The election is on November 8th, 2016. Tyler McCaffetty is one of 7 candidates on the ballot, for various positions. I interviewed Mr. McCaffetty as follows and recorded his responses.tyler-mccaffetty


How long have you lived in Huntsville? “For 29 years.  I was born and raised in Huntsville.  I also graduated from Huntsville High School as well as Sam Houston State University.”

What do you like about Huntsville? “It is a great family town, full of rich Texas history.  It also has an untold amount of growth potential.”


What is your occupation?  “I am a residential mortgage loan officer and currently run my own office called K&G Capital Mortgage.”


How would you describe yourself?  Your personal attributes? “I am first a son of the Living God, second a loving husband, father and son and thirdly an outgoing entrepreneurial type who loves taking calculated risks to enjoy the life God has so richly blessed me with.”


What are skills you have at your current job that will benefit you as a City Councilman? “I have spent the last 10 years of my life learning the complexities of finance; from personal, to corporate and even some municipalities.  My work experience has allowed me to really hone my ability to serve others, as well as look beyond what is written at face value.  Finance is one of those work fields where you learn to see the story behind the numbers.  That is going to greatly assist me in dealing with matters of finance at the City level.  Another skill I possess that will assist me in my position of City Council member, is the ability to look for answers beyond the surface of an issue and do the research required to find the right answer, not just any answer.”


Why have you chosen to run for City Council? “I’ve grown up in Huntsville and know that there are many issues the City faces every year.  From internal and external economic development to a continually frail infrastructure.  We have to take the right steps to insure the City is well equipped to handle the upcoming growth that is necessary should the City plan to thrive, not just survive.  If we fail to plan, then we plan to fail.”


What do you believe the role of a City Councilman is? “It is our duty to make the best educated decisions we can make with the information available to us.  But it is also our job to research and make sure the information we have is both accurate and representative of the whole city, not a few special interests.”

What would you like to accomplish? “I would like to set up a good communication channel between the City, the Hospital District and the School District because if these three entities work together we can set Huntsville up in a way that benefits all parties involved.  Huntsville has many needs that stem around these three organizations and we need to find common goals that will help propel Huntsville in a direction of continued growth and sustainability.  I would also like to help bring the churches and the City together for the common good of the community.  They are among the greatest influences in the community and the churches ability to get things done is unimaginable.”


Who will you be representing as a City Councilman? “My position is to make the best decisions I can for the entire city.”

How will you respond to input from the citizens of Huntsville? “All input is welcome.  As Proverbs 12:15 says ‘The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.’  I do not wish to be the smartest person in the room, I pray to be surrounded by the smartest people.”


Do you have future plans beyond being a City Councilman? “My plans have always and will always be to serve my God, my family and my community in whatever way the Lord sees fit.  I will continue to run my mortgage company and hopefully retire in Huntsville one day in the distant future.”


What are some of the issues you are concerned about in Huntsville? “Huntsville has a lot of infrastructure issues that continue to compound due to what I call bandages being applied instead of fixing the real issues.  These bandages are creating great expense at only the cost of the citizens of Huntsville.  I am also concerned with our School District being a training facility for teachers to get experience and move on to a higher paying district.  We have to find a way to retain our teachers and staff.  This will not only benefit our school system but also the families and kids those teachers serve.”


What issue is your priority? “Both issues above have equal concern in my book.  They each play an integral part of our cities growth.”


Do you support the 3 Propositions asking citizens to allow more debt to be taken out by the City? Do you think there could be another possible solution to the needs that Huntsville has? “I am currently researching all facets of the proposals.  The proposals definitely address major priorities the city has but I would like to break apart the expenditures more in depth to understand how the money is being allocated.  I would like to see if there are possible state grants available to assist in the projects to lower the issuance of debt.”